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About Us

Bringing 5-Stars to your table since 2020

Eating with Eryn was established March 25, 2020 after waking from dreams 3 nights in a row about starting a food blog. After growing so quickly Eryn has now prepared numerous meal preps, hosted plenty of private chef events and catered many notable events for many notable clients both in and out of New Orleans.


Our Story

Over time, Eryn noticed she’s grown to have an elaborate palette due to exposure in the kitchen from young. This exposure led to Eryn witnessing the courageous and unique taste of her dad, Eddie Hartzog, and her grandfather, Antoine Domino Jr. a.k.a Fats Domino.


Eryn began to notice the signs were always there even from imagining she was cooking on a Food Network show in high school. She just didn’t know she was manifesting it the entire time, but as Eryn got more and more involved in the kitchen, it was more obvious to her and all of her peers… “Eating with Eryn” was here to stay.

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Clients & Projects

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